Dawand Jones Headshot

Dawand Jones

OT - Ohio State



CLASS: Senior
HEIGHT: 6'8 1/4"
WEIGHT: 374 lbs
ARM LENGTH: 36 3/8"
HAND SIZE: 11 5/8"



Draft Team: CLE


Priority Position
x1 Traits


10-Yard Split

* = unofficial measurement



Rare Size

Orlando Brown Jr. lite
Mid 2nd round

There simply aren’t a lot of tackle prospects that come through boasting the size that Dawand Jones has. He’s over 6’8 (97th percentile), he weighs 374 pounds (98th percentile), his arms are 36 3/8” long (97th percentile) and his hands are 11 5/8” (98th percentile).

It won’t be a surprise to hear defensive lineman simply can’t work directly through him. When planted in his pass set, it’s hard to generate any kind of forward power. His exceptional length is hard to work around. His hands are so big that it’s nearly impossible for his punch to not land with some sort of impact.

On the flip side, what Jones possesses in height, length and mass, he lacks in foot speed and overall athleticism. He carries a mammoth upper half that won’t swiftly operate against elite burst and twitch. When his lower half movement fails to sustain a block, he can get caught leaning and grabbing.

As a run blocker, Jones plays with impressive urgency, even when asked to move more than a 374 pound tackle should. His overall power can leave defenders scrambling to stay in the play, but his hand placement is a wildcard. Sometimes he doesn’t even make direct contact or great leverage, but the opposition still gets knocked to the ground.

Overall, Jones is a true right tackle that has unique size to set a reasonable floor. If an offensive coordinator wants to execute a downhill, power run game he will keep the pile moving. He lacks the agility and balance to consistently operate in zone, but at least shows the effort and hustle when necessary.

If he manages his weight properly and lands in the right scheme, he could have an Orlando Brown Jr. type career arc.