Dalton Kincaid Headshot

Dalton Kincaid

TE - Utah



CLASS: Senior
HEIGHT: 6'4"
WEIGHT: 240 lbs
ARM LENGTH: 32 5/8
HAND SIZE: 10 1/4


Kincaid has some of the most reliable hands in the draft and can be a killer up the seam. My disclaimer above about the Jets tight end room remains though.

Draft Team: BUF


x3 Traits


* = unofficial measurement



Route Technician

YAC Monster

Sure Handed


Kinkaid was one of the best TE’s in College Football last season and one of the main contributors to Utah capturing its 2nd consecutive Pac 12 title.

Kinkaid is your typical move tight. He catches everything that is thrown his way. He does his best work in the short and intermediate part of the field but has shown the ability to make plays deep down the field. He has a great feel for space, finding holes in zones and breaking off man coverage at the perfect moment to give his QB a big target to aim at. When everyone on the defense knows the ball is going to him he shows an ability to still get open and make big time plays in clutch moments.

Kinkaid needs to get stronger. Too often as a blocker he gets pushed around and physical defenders have had success knocking him off his routes. Kinkaid is a fine athlete with solid speed but he isn’t the high level athlete we normally see with Tight ends whose primary trait is pass catching. He has struggled with injuries throughout his career and given his play style he’s not going to be one whose ever avoiding contact.

If Kinkaid stays healthy he is an incredibly reliable player that he should have no trouble becoming an early contributor at the next level as one of the main parts of an NFL passing offense. However if he doesn’t increase his play strength he will never become an above average Tight end at the next level.