Bryce Young Headshot

Bryce Young

QB - Alabama



CLASS: Junior
HEIGHT: 5'10 1/8"
WEIGHT: 204 lbs
ARM LENGTH: 30 1/2"
HAND SIZE: 9 3/4"


A brilliant passer with excellent pre-snap recognition, Young has the timing and accuracy to be an early impact signal caller.

Draft Team: CAR


2021 Heisman Award
2021 AP Player of the Year


Priority Position
x4 Traits




Mobile Magician

Battle Tested

Precision Passer

Football IQ

Undersized Joe Burrow
1st Round

An undersized but top tier field general, Young is an outlier that will put old school NFL size thresholds to the test.

Despite weighing 204 pounds at the combine, his actual playing weight looks significantly below that. Although he’s not even 5’11, his field vision is superb. He recognizes pressure and coverages pre-snap, delivering the ball with timing and accuracy to open windows of the field.

His ball placement is on the money at all three levels, but he wins games with his intermediate middle of the field passing. Per PFF charting, he completed 112 of his 147 attempts from the 0-20 yard range in between the numbers. In that same range his touchdown to interception ratio was 15 to 4. This is legitimately surgical.

On top of that, Young was still above average in that range outside the numbers. He doesn’t have elite arm strength that consistently challenges vertically, but possesses enough touch that it’s still a threat.

He has a twitchy lower half that allows him to escape and reset in congest pockets. At his size, he is easily brought down by pass rushers, sometimes even with one arm.

When it comes down to it, Young’s evaluation is not overly complex. If you have doubts about that frame ever holding up at the next level, he won’t be for you. In terms of playing the position, especially factoring in the mental aspect of the game, there’s no one in this class that even touches him as a quarterback prospect.